Tips to Control Mosquitoes in Your Lawn

Now that spring has come, we will eventually end up swatting the irritating mosquitoes on our lawn. With the fast-approaching mosquito season, now is the best time to get ready so that you can stop them from multiplying on your land. However, how can you effectively do that? To keep them out of the bay, you should know more about mosquitoes and their breeding cycles. For that, keep on reading this article as we will be presenting your DIY tips to control mosquitoes on your lawn. With these tips, you’ll observe a great decrease in the number of these buzzing insects you can find.  

Utilize a mosquito repellant 

If controlling the population of the mosquito does not concern you at all but you just want to prevent these bloodsuckers, you can just choose to just simply get a mosquito spray and cover yourself with it. Mosquito repellants with DEET are guaranteed as proven and tested. These also work well if you want to visit your lawn outdoors.  

Invite mosquito predators 

Adding predators that eat mosquitoes can also aid in minimizing their population. Such predators that love eating mosquitoes include purple martins, swallows, and bats. You can set up a few purple martins houses and bat houses to attract them. Not to mention that you will certainly have fun watching such ariel aces while they swoop and dive at unseen insects. This way, mosquitoes won’t ever bother you any more since they will be too busy attempting to prevent being eaten by these predators.  

Remove pooling water 

This is the best way to drive down the population of mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes will normally be laying their eggs in pooling water. Within just a span of three days, the eggs will be hatched and in less than two weeks, they will become fully-grown adults that are prepared to feed. If you choose to eliminate pooling water, there’s no way these female mosquitoes can breed.  

However, not only standing water is only restricted to water features such as ponds and birdbaths. In fact, rain gutters, areas of standing water, potholes, old tires, tree holes, and animal waterers can hold sufficient water after it rains to help a new generation of mosquitoes to breed. The best thing you can do with this is to make sure that all standing water you can find within your property is emptied. You can also encourage your neighbors to do the same thing to help reduce the local population of mosquitoes.  

Citronella Candles 

Citronella candles are a proven and tested staple of any lawn or backyard especially if you’re planning to do a barbeque party. This is to guarantee that mosquitoes will not devastate your special occasion. However, take note that citronella candles just work for a brief moment only. Hence, it’s not the best method to use unless you want your visitors to be clustered around a small candle.  

If you want to get rid of them all, it would be best if you work with a professional lawn care expert and avail of their lawn care service in Victoria today.  

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